The P'unk AvenueApprenticeship

What is it?

The P'unk Avenue Apprenticeship is a six-month work-training program at a purpose-driven company for motivated designers and developers. The goal of this program is to provide training to make you a part of our team.

In the program, a small cohort of apprentices learn together through both a canon of formative reading — industry standards as well as reflective texts about purpose-driven work — and authentic client projects to build technical skills.

What do we mean by "purpose-driven"?

At P'unk Ave, we pursue business that has a purpose. This means we evaluate potential team members and clients based on the value they add to our shared world. It means skill and money aren't the only way we evaluate the people we work with on a daily basis. It means we believe our work has an impact on the world around us and we want that impact to be a positive one.

What You Get

The Apprenticeship focuses on self-reflection, personal growth, and professional experience.

  • You will learn to contribute in collaborative, team-driven design and development practices.
  • You will sharpen your technical and practical skills alongside seasoned veterans.
  • You will immerse yourself in a culture of design-thinking as a way to solve problems within a framework of purpose.
  • You will receive a stipend of $2,000 per month.

What We Get

P'unk Avenue is a company focused on innovation and solutions to meaningful problems.

  • We learn about ourselves as we reflectively pass on our values to others.
  • We discover new ways to solve problems as new team members recognize and help rework old habits.
  • We cultivate a future member of our team who can work with purpose and technical precision on real-world projects.
  • We get to re-read some of our favorite books and learn from our apprentices' fresh perspectives.

We are looking for someone who:

Why are we doing it?

The team at P'unk Avenue has a sustained interest in creating value by training creative professionals in both purposefulness and technical skills. As individuals, we are continually pursuing not only mastery of our technical vocations but also development of ourselves, and this holistic approach to life and work drives us to educate others. With respect to the technical aspects of the Apprenticeship, our team crosses many of the traditional boundaries of creative disciplines. We therefore have an interest in training professionals to adapt and thrive in a variety of roles within the field. We are also intentional about our hiring process, and training someone who fits well with our culture makes sense to us.

Some Important Details:

*We know we're repeating ourselves, we just want to be clear.