02.A Our Team

    • p'unk team
      • Our team at the most recent company retreat-- at the beach! 

    • geoff2

Geoff DiMasi

Principal & Strategy

Our fearless leader, Geoff started P'unk Ave after teaching for years at UArts. A founder of Indy Hall and curator of Ignite Philly, his optimism is infectious and effective. 

    • alex

Alex Gilbert

Partner & Development

As a co-founder of P'unk Ave, Alex (a proud South Philadelphian) has both overseen and contributed to the development of our biggest projects.

    • tom

Thomas Boutell

Technical Lead & Devops

Tom invented PNG files. He currently creates beautiful open source web tools here at P'unk Ave.

    • kerry

Kerry Gilbert

Full-stack Development

Kerry cut his development teeth as part of the team behind an award-winning game for iOS. His ever-expanding chops now span both sides of the stack at P'unk Ave.

    • stuart

Stuart Romanek

Front-end Development & Design

Despite his unpredictable humor, Stuart writes the pithiest front-end code known to humankind. He is also an expert in all things pizza and Seinfeld.

    • ilyssa

Ilyssa Kyu

Research & Strategy

If not rambling through the woods with her dog, Ilyssa is leading us through the research & strategy phase of a project with her background in industrial and human-centered design.

    • beer
      • We love beer almost as much as we love coffee, so In August of 2012, Tim worked with Tinkering Monkey in Oakland, CA to produce a one-of-a-kind beer tap using maple and walnut pieces. 

    • matt g

Matt Goold

Interactive Design

A designer in practice and a stand-up comedian at heart.

    • cray ray

Rachel Messeck

Strategy & Partnerships

A New Englander at heart, when she's not at P'unk Ave Rachel can often be found in eagle's pose, thrifting for a great find, or enjoying a glass of pinot noir.  

    • Our kitchenette
      • Whether brewing coffee to start the day or mixing an old-fashioned to end it, our kitchenette is almost always in use.

    • slack for ios upload 1024 4

Kylee Acker

Web Development

Drawing on her previous experience in the nonprofit world Kylee writes code to foster her interest in policy and social justice. When not in the office you can find her reading, hiking, or training as a budding triathlete.

    • theresa is cool

Theresa Decker

Interactive Design

As a lifelong creative and offspring of two professional chefs, Theresa is creating beautiful websites by day, and inspiring meals by night.

    • krista

Krista Sassani

Studio Manager

Our most valuable asset, Krista keeps the whole team on their toes with her spin-teacher energy and endless abilities with everything spreadsheet.

    • austin

Austin Starin

Front-End Development

Amidst his unwavering dedication to the details of the web, Austin seeks time to enjoy a great meal, do some hiking or surfing, and spend time with his friends and family.

    • allison

Allison Hale

User experience

In moments she’s not designing with empathy, Allison is writing letters to dear friends, catching up on her reading, or baking something sweet.

    • Greg

Greg Dunn

Web Development

Mostly vegan (but loves pizza), code wizard, is terrified of the vast infiniteness of space. 

    • 2015 04 02 14 57 23 1
      • On April 1, 2015 we celebrated our 10-year birthday

    • kate

Kate Clayton

Research & User Experience Design

With a background in health care and design, Kate enjoys solving user needs with evidenced-based research and human centered design.

    • Brian Gantick

Brian Gantick

Web Development


 Our space is unique.

We have created a studio that represents our diverse background as industrial designers, printmakers, and coffee enthusiasts. Our goal is to have a studio that invites us to our work and removes the distractions that often attend working together.

    • Our window work space
      • Our window work space
      • This window bar is of the most desirable spots to camp out at for the day.

    • Our kitchenette
      • Our kitchenette
      • Whether brewing coffee to start the day or mixing an old-fashioned to end it, our kitchenette is almost always in use.

    • The Office Library
      • The Office Library
      • We've collected a healthy selection of books over the years that range from technical manuals to political treatises.

    • Passyunk is South Philly's diagonal strip on the city grid.
      • Passyunk is South Philly's diagonal strip on the city grid.
      • It's more than just our address, it's also a strong parallel to the way we approach the status quo.  Anyone want a sticker?

    • Our Window from the Outside
      • Our Window from the Outside
      • Some antique letters stand watch to let the passing world of Passyunk know who we are. 

    • Work Hard & Be Nice To People
      • Work Hard & Be Nice To People
      • We love the custom framing from Flying Pig Picture Frames, especially for this Anthony Burrill print! 

    • The view from Darien St
      • The view from Darien St
      • Have you ever gotten a look at our space from Darien St? It's quite a beauty!

    • Our office in the morning light
      • Our office in the morning light
      • Our space is so full of light, it's hard not to be productive!

    • Bamboo barrier by Shift Design
      • Bamboo barrier by Shift Design
      • We worked with Shift Design to design rain barriers that compliments the real bamboo in the passageway between our two buildings.

    • P'unk tap
      • P'unk tap
      • We worked with Tinkering Monkey to create this custom designed beer tap to make sure we're always pouring with style